"Salutations, I am Rooen. Though the use of 'nurse' is acceptable. If you have not deducted my race is Asura, I am a top graduate in the study of Synergetics and am currently under the profession of medical genius and master chef.

If you are in need of medical care please leave your message with the small personal golem to your left. And as always have an enlighting day."
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Check out my NSFW blog for the full thingy. Gotta keep this one kinda clean.  http://roossecretlab.tumblr.com/

Really wanted to try this pose out from a ‘manga’ I was ready…cause yup. 

If you could choose a different voice for your gw2 toon…







Demitorah’s voice actor: Charlie Day

Kraami’s voice actress: Luci Christian

Vicenn’s voice actor: Liam O’Brian

Veyll’s VA: Brianne Siddall

Kaytiff: David Wenham

Kaylee: Pilz-e

Lebo: Matthew Broderick

Trixxie: Either Cherami Leigh or Ashly Burch

Spokko: Jason Spisak

Zrakk: Myself. Just ask Kraami.

Roo: Panty from english dub Panty and Stocking!!

Roo’s Quest for the BIFROST

Gonna take a looooong time but I’m at last working on this thing. Sadly I can’t do commissions JUST for mats anymore like in the good old not needing money days. Commissions are open, send me message if you need info on that. I won’t turn down some cheap handouts too…because I’m a bum. WOOO

Feel free to use my list if you’re trying to make this too. It was a pain to retype. 

Gift Of Mastery

-Bloodstone Shard 

-Gift of Exploration 

Gift of Battle <Working on>

Gift Of Fortune 

Gift of Magic

Gift of Might

Gift of the Bifrost 

Gift of Energy

Gift of Color

THE LEGEND!!!!!!!!

Shot this lil bby up to 20. Because why not? Going for the hero achiv after all this time. Never bothered to make a human.

What are all the Gals up to?!

Zuu: Causing a mess as always. She was last seen sneaking around the fun house though no one is sure is she’s helping them or hurting them. Equal body count….

Roo: No one know where Roo is at the moment. After the disappearance of her lover, and the loss of her left eye it seems she pulled a vanishing act too. Abandoning even her patients…that’s very unlike her…very worrying. 

Alathiel: A new little thief who is having trouble leaving home. You’ll find her picking pockets of the drunkin folk around Reach. 

Ana: Is training anywhere that’s cold. She spent far to long in the muggy forests around the tiny one’s. It’s time for her to tangle with some bears and perhaps a wolf or two. 

Femina: Looking for dead things…what else is new. She’s been tracking down her ‘sister’ but it seems she was distracted by some risen and has been having far to much fun collecting limbs 

Oolom: Wrecked a transport cart causing quite the back up, as punishment the would be peacemaker is stuck in resources going over old data. Poor dear. 

Omlala: Spending time fixing golems and killing bugs just outside the city. She dosn’t have much to do. 

Moranada: Found Rata Sum and can’t seem to pull away from the pretty glowing buttons. 

Lessi: Found a pretty spot to curl up and a rest…never mind that ghosts are all around. 



Are you a Verizon Customer? Having issue connecting the GW2 Patcher?

Try this!

Edit C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts using notepad (run as administrator)
Add this line at the bottom: assetcdn.101.arenanetworks.com

Source: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/tech/Verizon-Level3-and-GW2

This fixed it for me!

Wow..Verizon is having a LOT of issues with games…

It started with WoW years ago, I recently had trouble with WS and now it seems to have hit GW2. WHY?! They keep saying it’s nothing on their end but if every game is having trouble…oh boy. 

Late night RP on Roo….


I drew Roo again, as she looks now. Super sad….


If I’m going to RP in GW2 again I’m going to need to draw something other than porn. 

I blame Veyll. 


Oh this looks gross!!!

I’ll make another one later but yes commissions are open

Slight emergency as I’m trying to move out and since a friend is moving down from very far away as a possible room mate the more money I can get together in time the better. So yes! Commissions are up! I really hope they aren’t too much..

I got’s a trade to finish though. That’s kinda at the top right now. Hope to get that done tomorrow ^w^

I don’t just do furrys…peeps too!

Yes I’m alive, and doing commissions again. 

Yes I will gladly draw asura…dorks!