"Salutations, I am Rooen. Though the use of 'nurse' is acceptable. If you have not deducted my race is Asura, I am a top graduate in the study of Synergetics and am currently under the profession of medical genius and master chef.

If you are in need of medical care please leave your message with the small personal golem to your left. And as always have an enlighting day."
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I’m alive! SORTA

I think MMO’s need to learn that new hair/face/bodies/outfits is a HUGE cash cow for them. Like HUGE HUGE!!!! 

They should be updating at least one of those every two weeks with one or two options and people would lose their minds and just start throwing money at developers. 

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New hairstyles are inspiring me to play the characters I have been neglecting. Like this poor fellow. I finally gave him a name too! Since he is just ‘A Watchful Eye’ in game.

His name is Oolm. And he is ~fabulous~.

I have a thing for male sura’ with long hair….

Anonymous says: What will make Roo open her left eye?

Roo’s eye was sadly…removed due to an accident involving inquest tech about a year ago. Lucky for her a ‘friend’ was able to put things as right as he could and replace her eye with a realistic, functioning implant..it’s a bit embarrassing though…she covers the scar with makeup and uses medical glue to keep it closed while she works. Eye patches get itchy and always feel too tight so unless she’s attending something fancy she goes without.

As for what will ‘make her’ open her eye..or at least show people…very little. She is able to upkeep the tech herself and very rarely lets anyone know. She tells a little lie and says she was kidnapped by flame legion (which has happened in the past) and she escaped without her left eye…people tend to buy it.

If you want to see it…you have to be sneaky. Roo only ever opens her left eye when working in her study or when out collecting herbs. If you can find her perhaps you can sneak a peek? 

I’m alive and running on coffee….ask Roo stuff!

To give people an idea of why I take huge breaks from playing or even talking to some of my buddies, it’s not because I hate you but because I have THIS MUCH WORK TO DO.

This is a mock up of my showcase wall, over 20 projects and not even half are done yet…I don’t have a lot of time so I’ll still be working over my break….I need to get things printed and shipped like shirts, posters, buttons, stickers, device cases, take aways and business cards, my resume and a bag. If I can I want Itty Bitty as a standie off to the side in full rez. SO MUCH WORK OMG!!!

If there was any truth to ‘video games make’s people violent’ there would be millions of murders a day. Do they understand how many people play adult video games that center around violence? Even if 1,000 people committed a murder based on a game that would still only be a tiny percent of the people who play games every day! 

There are millions of players on games like WoW every day! I just stabbed a tree chick in the chest to kill her yesterday, my grandmother has played COD and cheered when she got a ‘shot in the head’ as she calls it. 

Will my grandma go out and start murdering people? Like really…..first moving pictures, than new music and now video games. Can we just get holograms so they can take the focus off games? 

Playing through GW1 again!

And as such I wanna find some friends to do it with a try and steam it all. As much as we can of at least the first game and all the packs. SO I need to find at least 4 other people to play with me over the summer. It has to be after classes are done so everyone has the time to play / watch. 

I wanna steam at least once a week if not more and I’ll keep updating. That way people can watch and see what takes place and junk without playing through. 

Just a heads up for now. 4 more spots left for this!


"I am Death Incarnate."

"My medical opinion…a bad case of gas..inquest food must be horrid."


Pricelists Industry vs Fandom.

Finally made.

If anyone would care to donate a coloured comic page for the comic industry standard list I’m willing to accept one and will give credit c8 I would’ve made one if I had an example but I don’t -A-

But yes that’s off my chest.

Of course this is based off my own browsing over price lists and how I work unfortunately my commissioner homie went idle so I can’t confirm the most vs the least one can spend.

I’ve only found one artist thus far that charges nearly as close to industry standard. Even then it’s under the standard. As far a I’m concerned anyone under the standard shouldn’t have complaints about expensive art. Fandom average is hardly one you can live by.

Would you like to get paid $30 for 3-7 days worth of work?

Edit:No I’m not saying what you should/shouldn’t charge for your pieces. That’s up to you.
I’m talking to supposed commissioners that think it’s too expensive.
This is the hours of your life they’re spending.

If you’re gonna put a price tag on that make it worth that time and effort. For your own sanity.
I wanted to post this so those artists that have been discouraged by “too expensive for me” comments.

And updated the photo, $500-9500 for bw art hahaha 6u6

Edit2: I kinda worded “Fandom” to mean like, furry, anime, superhero, not really fan-characters at all. Sorry if that confused/go misread, I’m not sure how to describe this ‘group’ of the average price range 8Ia

Apologies….also didn’t expect for this to be so huge but it’s been interesting reading c8

AND I didn’t feel right stealing from google images for example pictures which is why my own is up there. No I don’t expect $2000+ for it, not even $200, not unless I had to repaint in oils on a big BIG ASS CANVAS haha.

Trust me when I say a lot of artists are paranoid and scared of their own prices. This estimate as far as industry goes is to remind you your time IS worth something. Will we all get there? That’s up to us for how hard we’re willing to go.

I will say though I’ve gotten industry standard payment for LESS quality art years back. The artwork is an embarrassment now, but getting $300ish for it STUNNED me, I was so used to peanuts I didn’t feel I deserved it, made me realise that I’m at least capable though. I lucked out but I knew to keep trying.

That’s the point I want to make really :/ Don’t give up. If you love it.

Whatever you want to do with your life make sure you LOVE doing it and people don’t take advantage of your hard earned skills.

That’s enough rambling from me now I will go back under my rock 8I

Edit3: As people are still missing the point.

Commissioners, don’t expect industry standard artwork for $30. That’s all there is to this post :/ You can stop reading into stuff that isn’t there now, kay.

I’ve had people tell me that charging anywhere close to $100 is too much and I should NEVER ask that much for art. And for a while I believed them…which is horrible. 

If you think even even $100 is to high then you don’t deserve the art honestly. You don’t respect the artist and the fact that they have their prices as low as 10-30 bucks is undermining themselves just so you can get some art.